486641 eXact® Strip Micro
Total Alkalinity


Product No. 486641

The eXact® Strip Micro Total Alkalinity is ideal for residential, commercial, and municipal testing. It is also EPA-compliant for Free and Total Chlorine regulatory testing.



Now there is an alternative to the powder pillows, powder packets, tablets, glass ampoules, and liquid systems; eXact® Strip Micro test strips have one or more test pads containing reagents for colorimetric detection of ions in water samples. Used in the 525nm eXact® Photometers.

· Simple 20 second test

100 Tests
Resolution: 2 ppm (mg/L)
Accuracy: +/- 20
Menu: %T
Chemistry: Alizarin Red S + Citrate

Test Time:

Detection Levels:
20-180 ppm (mg/L)