eXact® Pool EZ Photometer


Pool eXact® EZ photometer delivers 10 pool water parameters with lab–quality results! All tests with the Pool eXact® EZ photometer use our patented eXact® Strips, a quick and easy reagent system for analysis. Simply dip an eXact® Strip Micro into the water sample for 20 seconds using a simple back and forth motion, discard the strip, and read the results instantaneously!


Maintain your pool water chemicals the safe and easy way with the Pool eXact EZ! Help protect yourself and loved ones and properly maintain your pool by frequently testing for these 10 common parameters:

Free Chlorine
Total Chlorine
Combined Chlorine
Total Alkalinity
Calcium Hardness
Cyanuric Acid
Chloride (as Salt)

• Slim, compact design
• Affordable
• Consumer-oriented